Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Contests

I entered Miss Snark's First Victim's February Secret Agent contest.

It's my alter ego this time - dark, edgy YA.

My entry.

Then there's this one: "Dear Lucky Agent" Contest. This one needs a tag line, so I have some tinkering to do.

Hm. On second thought, this one has a lot of rules that I'm not so comfortable with. Check the comments before you enter.


  1. Sarah--I'm having a weird reaction to stuff. Between your excerpt and Erica's Make 'Em Squirm post, I'm kinda queasy. Maybe I'll go back and take another stab at it. Maybe not. I'm just explaining my absence. Good luck!

  2. No sweat, Heather. I got plenty of comments and gleaned some good info from them. Unlike my zit-popping MG, I knew this one would be controversial.

  3. Just read your entry. I liked it a lot. Dark and edgy. And like some of the people commented, it's an ugly subject so it's going to be ugly. I'll happily read if you need a reader.