Thursday, April 22, 2010

First 50 Words

Thought I'd stick something light into Miss Snark's First Victim's 50 Words.

My entry

Hopefully I won't make her followers want to throw up this time.



  1. Cool, Sarah! I can't wait until I'm ready for a contest! Glad you're paving the way. :)

  2. You could enter some of these crit type things easily. Helps to get feedback on smaller portions of your work sometimes.

  3. Good for you! I loved it, personally. Especially the unexpected dialogue. I know I'm already going to like this character. Good luck!

  4. Hey Sarah, cool entry! Great job. I've never heard of that Miss Snarks, so I'm glad you pointed it out.

  5. Thanks, guys!

    MSFV is a great place to play with critiquing and she runs awesome Secret Agent contests.