Monday, July 6, 2009

Changing POV

I started editing then realized I was spending most of my time changing 'he' to 'I', 'him' to 'my', etc. Hours of tedious Find/Replace later, I am finally into real editing. And it's better.


I love being a writer. I love being a writer.

Actually, I do love writing. I wouldn't be willing to do all of this work with no promise of publication otherwise.


  1. LOL! I've had that epiphany. The other bugger about going from 3rd to 1st is all of a sudden you will have a five sentence paragraph with each sentence starting with "I". Absolutely the hardest thing about first person to me is sentence structure.

  2. That's the fun part of doing the rewriting now. I I I. *sigh*

  3. Let me know if you find an effective way to do that. It has reduced me to line edits. Each and every cotton pickin' sentence.

    But you're makes the book better. A forced rewrite that pushes you.

  4. Oh yes, changing POV is as joyful as changing tense! But seriously, you know it'll all be worth it. Otherwise, like you said, you wouldn't do it. ; )

  5. Hey I just read your (old?) excerpt on the bookroast blog and loved it - what an original concept! I really wanted to read more (and I mean that, not just saying it to be polite).
    What's the current status? Querying? Got an agent? In editing still?

  6. Thanks, Megan!

    I was querying and got a request for a partial, but not that elusive Yes. Took another look at it and am back to revising. The progress is being tracked here.

  7. I recently changed the pov on a wip like that, and it's impossible to do a straight global search and replace. What a pain!

    Grats on the partial, but fingers crossed for a full, then a contract, then a sale!