Friday, January 15, 2010

January Contest Entries

Miss Snark's First Victim's Secret Agent Contest

Clarity of Night Short Fiction Contest

Interestingly entries 10 and 11. Would've been too weird if they wound up being the same number.

Hope to have updates on both of these soon.

Update #1: I am in the list of Notable Mentions in the Secret Agent contest and get to submit my query and first three chapters.

Update #2: Got some great feedback from Jason over at Clarity of Night. This entry had a bit of a problem with pacing - choose what information in the opening paragraph is important.
I wound up cutting one sentence from this piece as a result.


  1. Sarah--congrats on the Notable mention--that's exciting!

  2. And--did I fall off your follower box, or something? I always come over from my link on my blog, so I didn't realize that my smiling face wasn't in your followers box!

  3. Thanks! It was a very interesting experience. Fascinating how zits can be so controversial. I'm happy that I get to submit to a closed agency now.

    I don't think you fell off the one here. I think you are following on my short stuff blog. Although Blogger has been known to lose followers from time to time.