Sunday, January 10, 2010


Doesn't quite have the same ring, but I'm trying to do in one weekend what I wanted to do in the month of November - revise Garlic - completely.

Over halfway through. Only 92 more pages to go - today. Last night I hit the chapter that I forgot needed to be written. I had gutted several chapters and left notes for the information that had to be included. Got that done and I'm moving on.

Weekend, thy name is BIC.

Update: 11:11am and 43 pages done. This is looking doable.

Update to the Update: 2:30pm - DONE!


  1. Woot! Woot! Woot!

    Send us the report card on Monday. :)

  2. This morning, I sent in the first 250 words to the Secret Agent contest on Miss Snark's First Victim's blog.

    Have started researching other agents. Am whittling the synopsis down a bit as well.

  3. Good luck. The secret agent is going through them fast! Just wanted to say hello. I came over from Heather Kelly's. Laura

  4. Hi Laura,

    That SA was very fast. I almost missed the comment on mine. WIll come visit you soon.